Monday, June 28, 2010

Small Bursts of Productivity

It's humid today. Really humid and weird out. Eerie breezes, dark clouds, and soupy air. The kind of weather where you consider going to the mall just to escape it. Despite two consistent weeks of difficulty sleeping, I woke up this morning ready to tackle my "Summer To-Do" list. Two of the biggest things were organizing and sorting through all of the thousands of pictures I have uploaded into iPhoto since 2005 and organizing and sorting through this tremendous amount of yarn that I have attained. (Just a quick side note: When did I become my mother?!)

Yesterday I
tackled my photos. Ohhhh it felt so good to do this. I am certainly not finished, but it feels much more manageable at this point. How lucky are we to have all of this amazing technology at our fingertips? There really is not excuse for not being organized when there is such a thing as Facial Recognition and Auto Split and an ability to order by name, type, or date! I cannot imagine doing this with actual photos and albums. It would be a dizzying task.

Sorting and winding this massive basket of yarn has also been intensely gratifying. What a mess! I had gotten to the point where I was tossing skeins of yarn in to one bask
et and completed failed projects into another. I have rewound all of the skeins and am slowly unkitting the failed projects. It feels like I've gone yarn shopping! it has sparked so many ideas for upcoming projects that I cannot wait to get started on.

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