Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Corners of My Home

I've been gone to long. Some because of the chaos of life and some because I am still settling in to my new home. Tonight I thought that I should take some time to share some corners of the little home of mine with you.

This is my beloved knitting chair. It's where you find me most of the time. Mostly because I haven't found the "just right" sofa yet. Well, I did find one that I liked, but it's out-of-stock right now! You know that I am not very good with waiting, don't you? The blue table used to be my night stand in my old bedroom. It was white originally and on-the-cheap from The Christmas Tree Shop. One can of spray paint and it's got a whole new look.
This giant table used to be my dining room table and black. Except that I crafted on it one too many times and it was pretty beat up. I had originally planned to sell it, but then my friend convinced me to make it work as my TV table. I spent a long time staring at it, wondering what on earth I was going to with it. Alas, one can of yellow paint and a couple antique crochet pieces and it looks like a whole new piece of furniture. I was also battling loads of cords that were less-than-appealing to the eye. I grabbed a fat quarter from the fabric store and sewed up a tube to thread all the cables through.
I have a hallway that connects the kitchen to the bedroom that has been driving me bonkers! A giant wall equals a blank slate to me. Which can be inspiring, but really intimidated me. First I picked up a bunch of picture frames at a tag sale and painted them a deep plum color. Didn't work. Next I tried the same yellow that I used on the TV table. Didn't work either. And then I gave up for a while. Lying in bed last night, it dawned on me~clipboards. They take away the pressure of formality that frames were putting on me, while still adding a modern touch. Phew!
Now onto the guest bedroom. Yikes!