Friday, April 30, 2010

Brooklyn Style

I didn't make it to Purl. There just wasn't enough time. And there was lots of rain. And if you've ever been to SOHO, you know that there is no parking. But don't feel sad for me, it is ok. Because I realized that I didn't miss Purl, I missed Brooklyn General Store! I'm not sure why I didn't think about it before I left.

Have you ever been to Brooklyn General? It's lovely. And there is
loads of parking nearby! It's filled with so much loveliness. Walls of yarn and walls of fabric and felt and paint and knitting needles and patterns and roving; all things that I love. Despite having a little bit of a tummy ache, I excitedly drove through the tree-lined streets of Cobble Hill and Park Slope and Carol Gardens. Past the gorgeous brownstones and
some of my old haunts to get there. And it was closed!!! But don't worry, it opened within five minutes of me parking and buying a can of coke to settle my stomach.

As I walked in, happiness filled me. It is large and bright and spacious. In fact, it is the opposite of so much of Brooklyn. I carefully and thoughtfully picked out a few skeins of yarn and perused the fabrics. They always, always, always have amazing fabric. And not in an overwhelming way. I was torn between buying one yard of a few different fabrics or a few yards of one fabric for a little project that I have in mind. I went with the latter and was not disappointed.

I got to chatting with the owner and came to learn that she was a New Englander as well and that her in-laws live in Kittery, ME.
Small world, right? And I thought that it explained why I loved this particular store so much. There's just something about a
New Englander that translates.

I left with my goodies and a settled stomach, Brooklyn General can just do that to you!

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