Saturday, April 10, 2010


I guess that I am on a kick here. So, bare with me over the next few days as I share my finished neck warmers, scarves, and cowls. As you know, I started this guy in Washington D.C. and finished it sometime early in the week. I also picked out the buttons on my last trip to Joann's. I have to say that I am really enjoying finding the just right button for each piece. I was initially overwhelmed by the volume of buttons and dismayed by the way that they were displayed, but after taking a deep breath and committing to the task at hand, I started to enjoy the treasure hunt.

For some reason, I kept putting off attaching the button. This morning during another power outage, (is this the fifth or sixth over the last few months?) I picked up needle
and thread and got to work. And I have to say that I am pleased. I am in love with the color and think that the
button adds just the touch of detail that it needs. I also think that this will suit and please an older client. Although I love chunky cowl's, they seem better suited for young women because of their trendy nature. This cowl has a bit more elegance and class to it.

Alright, off to complete the more mundane tasks of life. laundry, oil changes, and grocery shopping. Hope that you are all enjoying your Saturday.

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