Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here it is! My sky blue neck warmer is complete. And I'd really like to keep it. It's warm and cozy and soft and the buttons! Oh, the buttons. They were not at all what I had in mind when I went looking. I had planned for something wooden, something natural, but then I saw these and well, it's like they were made for this neck warmer!
It knit up super quick, I just used a rib stitch and added button holes near the end. By using the Blue Sky Alpaca and a random bit of fuzzy yarn that I had in my stash, it zipped by on size 15 needles. Last night I was kept awake by a persistent cough, but I managed to keep myself busy by knitting up this little guy.


stacey yacula studio said...

The sky blue neck warmer is sooooo beautiful.
The buttons were perfect for them!
Don't you just love when the unexpected happens!

MB by Brigid said...

thanks stacey! i can't stop staring at them!!

andrea said...

Nice hat-anthropologie is one of my favorite stores!
Pretty cozy neckwarmer too :)