Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chocolate~The Way Life Should Be

We each brought a yummy treat to the meet-up on Sunday. I am terrible about planning ahead on these things and usually end up scrambling at the last minute. So, late Saturday afternoon, I finally got around to it. I looked through my pantry and my fridge to assess the situation. It was looking pretty dismal, nothing really sprung out at me. But with a little creativity, I came up with a recipe that I will certainly use again. I had chocolate pudding, easter candy, and some homemade chocolate chip cookies that were starting to stale. Where is this going you ask, well stick with me because it turned out to be chocolicious!

First I threw the cookies into my mini food processor (remember, I used to live in Brooklyn, you have to have everything in mini just to fit it!) and pulsed until I had a fine grain. I melted two tablespoons of butter and added it in, giving it one last pulse. I dumped it into a greased pie tin and used a measuring cup to press it into place. Popped it in the oven for less than ten minutes and got to work on the easter candy.
I had lots of chocolate bunnies that I knew I wasn't going to eat. At least not without a dollop of peanut butter on it! I coarsely chopped them down into bite size pieces and put them to the side. Pulled out the Jell-o Instant Pudding (yup, that's what I said. don't judge!) and got to work with my milk and whisk. After working the ingredients up for a froth, I tossed those chocolate chunks in, took the cookie pie crust and put it into the fridge to set. And there it was, done!

But, things don't always work as planned. Sunday morning, I got up picked some mint, placed it on top and wrapped it up to go. The minute I got to the meet and greet I realized that
chocolate pudding pie was NOT the way to go! I mean really, who eats chocolate pie with their fingers. Everything else was finger food-cookies, veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, you get the point. So at the end of our time together, I casually grabbed my pie before I left. Embarrassing, right?! The thing was, I knew my friends A and G and their daughter would appreciate this pie for all of its chocolatey goodness. I couldn't deny them this level of gratification, you understand don't you? So after a dinner of steak tips, mac and cheese and green beans we indulged in the ooey gooey chocolate goodness.

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Julie said...

Okay....this looks so yummy....I want chocolate now! :0