Monday, April 5, 2010


Did you go out and get the mini mouthful ice cream sandwiches yet? No? Well, I still think you should.
Over the weekend I took a trip down to DC to visit my big sister. It was a short trip, le
ss than 48 hours that included eight miserable hours of blocked ears from the airplane descent, watching the Sox kill the Nationals at the new stadium under the bright sunshine, my first ever burger from Five Guys, a chance encounter with the entire cast of Glee and a fair amount of knitting. Because my trip was so short, I didn't get to do any sight seeing or have a chance to visit with friends, but it was great to be reminded that all of the brown we are currently
experience up here will soon turn into blossoms and spend some QT
with my sister.

I started knitting in the airport in Boston, I was just too excited to wait. I had picked up a skein of Blue Sky in Frost and happened to also have a skein on lace weight in the same color. My initial plan was plan was knit this looooong luxurious scarf with long tassels at each end. But sometimes all good plans have to change. I squeaked out a chunky, ribbed neck warmer before the plan even landed in DC. I need to find the just right buttons for it. My plan was to pick some up yesterday, but evidently Joann celebrates Easter like the rest of us. As soon as I find them, I will post a picture of the completed project. When I got to my sister's, I grabbed the other skein of yarn that I packed and got to work. Although the weather is warming up, I've been busy working on scarves, cowls, and neckwarmers so that I have an
inventory ready to go before summer is out. I went with a herringbone pattern with a ruffle and am hoping to finish it up tonight. I have to admit, I am looking forward to be done with it, feeling a little bored and ready for the next one.


CraftyLady said...

I wanted to get to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival, but events did not allow. Hope you enjoyed your trip. Beautiful photos!

MB by Brigid said...

we'll have to plan for next year!!!!