Monday, May 3, 2010


Maybe it's because I was in NYC for five days, but I came home with full-on nesting impulses. I had projects on my mind. Each was a small little spruce-up that I hoped would brighten up my home.
The first was the smallest and easiest of the three. I have a lovely little porch that looks out over a lovely little pond. Last summer, throughout a season of guests, I noticed that when night fell, we really didn't spend much time out there. I blame it on two things, the lack of lighting and the mosquitos. So, while I was at Big Lots, I came across a set of holiday lights with big bulbs. Nothing crazy, I passed over palm trees, stars, and butterflies. Who knew there were so many lighting options!

The second was inspired by this. How lovely is this? I love that it is 3D, that is upcycled from old magazines, and how clean it is. Plus, I was thrilled to finally replace this twig and berry wreath that I put up because I couldn't find anything else. I pulled out my old Anthropologie Catalogs and my paper cutter and got to work. It took a bit of trial and error to figure ou
t how to best make these. But it all began to come together before I glued my
fingers together. And I am quite pleased with the outcome. I have a feeling that I will keep playing around with their layout, but for now I am content.

There is a third project, but I am not done just yet. So stay tuned!!

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