Sunday, July 4, 2010

July Fourth, A Staycation

The Fourth of July brought a visit from some very good friends. I went to college with him and quickly fell in love with her when they began dating in Brooklyn. They are such easy guests and I love having company who are interested in participating in all sorts of seacoast activities.

We started the weekend off with some lemonade with strawberry infused vodka. Yum! This will definitely be my drink of choice this summer.

We took a long walk through local marshland behind our science center. Although it was hot, it was my first time there and I couldn't get over how amazing it was! Such a little local treasure that is filled with so much beauty. If I wake up motivated this summer, I am definitely going to go there for a walks.
We took a tour of the Red Hook Brewery. Although the tour was less than fun, free beer is always a plus.
We loaded up on fried seafood at a local lobster pound. A little too much fried food if you ask me, but certainly worth the suffering.
Dinner provided us with views of the creek and all the beauty that surrounds my home. Made me appreciate my adopted home once again.
The culminating event was an amazing fireworks display downtown. We struggled to find parking and thought we might not get to see anything at all. At the last minute, we ended up hopping over a guardrail and sitting on a concrete dam. It was an absolute perfect spot! I literally felt like the fireworks display was just for us and we were able to avoid the crowd and have some distance from the loud booming.

All-in-all, an exhausting couple of days, but I feel filled-up.


PrairieWindDesigns said...

Beautiful fireworks photo!

customdesigns4ubynan said...

You had fried lobster??!!! I love it steamed with butter and lemon, mmmm yum. Really like the photo of the trees at the park.

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

lovely pics..and lemon and strawberry infused vodka..yum!

Annette said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday weekend! Really amazing photo of the fireworks!

Gremlina said...

that looks great!

Molly said...

can't wait to buy more strawberries at the market this weekend - and a bottle of vodka and some lemonade. thanks for sharing!

Molly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Margaret Pearl said...

that lemonade and strawberry infused vodka looks fantastic! I need to take the time to garnish my drinks more often, love those glasses too.

Anonymous said...

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