Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Damn You Christmas Tree Shop

It's hot up here again. And I am cranky, again. It could be the heat, but it is more likely that it is just me. Some days it just happens and I can't snap out of it. I decided that I would distract myself from the heat and my mood by going to the movies. Air conditioning and someone else's drama-sounds great! I went to see The Kids Are Alright and I feel sort of duped. At some point during the winter, I read an autobiography written by four kids who lost both of their parents within months of each other. It was called, The Kids Are All Right. Guess what I learned today. Just because a movie and a book have the same title doesn't mean that they tell the same story. So that was disappointing and altho the movie was packed with great actors, I wasn't all that engaged by it. Plus, I needed the theatre to be "put-on-your-sweater-cold" but it wasn't. The cranky ensued.
Midway through, an idea sparked. After the film, I grabbed a milkshake and went to the Christmas Tree Shop. You know, just to browse. I didn't even get a cart, I got myself a basket. It filled itself a little bit too quickly and with little self control. It found the berry bowl that I was looking at on etsy. It's not the same, but it still has such a sweet feeling to it.

It also picked up some more serving plates and bowls. When my friends were here over the weekend, I kept feeling like I didn't have the right sizes in my cabinets. All of my dishes were too big or too small, hopefully these two are just right.

It also picked a couple sets of "made-specifically-for-girls-who-are-going-to-college-sheets." I couldn't resist. They had bright stripes and polka dots and whales. This is a big deal for a purely white sheets and linens girl. They completely clash with my headboard and my yellow walls, but they m
ake me smile and look forward to crawling into my bed despite the fact that it is going to be humid tonight. All-in-all, the perfect pick-me-up after a bummer of a day.


Redd said...

I am so jealous of your sheets! They are totally adorable!

MB by Brigid said...

so cute, right?!

Anonymous said...

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