Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For the Love of Heat

What is the weather where you are? Are you melting? We are melting up here. The temps have been in the upper 90's with a head index of over 100. How does that happen? Let me rephrase that, how does that happen HERE?! It just doesn't make sense.

I was able to get some respite this afternoon. A trip to the beach provided some much needed relief from being in my nion-air conditioned classroom all morning. Dipping my toes in the (still) freezing water was delightful. The sun was a bit intense, so I moseyed up the road to OldNavy. I figured a big enterprise like that would be chock-full of air conditioning. And it was, but not enough to give me goose pimples and that was what I was really going for. It's amazing how many errands and chores get done when your goal is to remain in the air conditioning. I hopped from one store to another for a good two hours this afternoon.

But, now I am back to my oven of an apartment trying to figure out it the fan should face in or out in order to be most effective. I have my first-ever craft fair on Saturday and I can barely bring myself to think about it. If it is this hot, surely no one is going to buy my hand knits! I am struggling to figure out how best to set it all up especially my neck warmers. Any good suggestions??? Would love any input you can give. I'm wishing that I had a linen mannequin or two. That seems like the best way to show their beauty, functionality, and style off. Since I am not going to be able to get one before the weekend, I am hoping to figure something out in the meantime. Maybe incorporating my wooden drying rack....


Linda Ruthie said...

Hi there! I'm just a bit Southwest of you and we're suffering with this heat as well. I'm sure you'd be envious of my air-conditioned living room (the only room in the house with AC). But I'm jealous that you can go down to the ocean and walk along the wet sand and splash in the chilly water.
My best wishes for your first craft show this Saturday. I do a couple of shows a year. One in October and one in November.
My advice for displaying your crafts is first, cover your table with a nice tablecloth or fabric. I've been using a navy blue felt for a few years but I've also used black velvet. Second, raise up part of your display to eye level if you can. I have some small fold up bookshelves that sit on my table. This way potential customers can see your beautiful crafts even before they get close. I also have some fabric covered shoe boxes to raise things up a few inches off the table. I put smaller things in baskets. I popped over to your Etsy to get a good look at your knits. (Remember you can deactivate your Etsy listings for the day of your show if you are taking those items with you.) I think if you can display one of each style, then lay the others on the table to show different colors you have. I don't know what you have used in your Etsy photos but I thought if you covered a coffee can or even a roll of toilet paper with paper or fabric then raised it a bit with a box or block, it may show the way it would look on a person.
I hope I might have helped you out here. I can't wait to hear how it all goes for you. Good luck!!!!

MB by Brigid said...

Linda! You are amazing! Such great ideas. I think that the heat melted my brain....because how did i not think about covering objects with fabric? genius. you have completely soothed my worries. i'll keep you posted on how things go. thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Send some of that lovely warmth over here to Australia! It's winter here :( I'm quite jealous...

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

Best of luck with your show this weekend! I love your work! I think you'll do great!!! Def bring some business cards & postcards so people will know how/where to find you come the colder months & Christmas shopping! Collect email addresses so you can send them info about other shows & holiday events!

Stay cool! Our town hit 100 today! I hid out in the ac and only ventured out to water the garden!

Keep us posted after the show! *LUCk*

maureencracknell said...

Your items look great! Best wishes!!!

livjewellery said...

I am in Ontario and it has been unbearably hot here too, for several days. From what I hear, today is the last day of this intense heat. I'm enjoying your blog - just remember, it's winter somewhere!

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