Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bain of My Week

I received an order for two baby sweaters last week. Great, right? I happened to have a green hoodie that just needed some blocking and finishing before it was ready to go. For the second one, I pulled out a lovely vintage pattern that I had been eyeing for a while. Perfect, right? Stopped by my LYS to pick up some chunky cranberry swirl and was ready to go. Keep in mind that this pattern indicated that it only needed one skein. Ha!! I got through the hood and the majority of the yoke before reaching the end of the skein. I was irritated, but I thought, "No biggie." The next day, I went back to my LYS to grab another skein and there was no more left!!! The owner was so sweet and looked all over for more, but it was gone. Just plain gone. Ahh well. I grabbed two skeins of the same color in worsted weight, came home and started over.

The next morning was when I went down to Newburyport to see Kay Gardiner. As I am ohhing and ahhing over her and her work, I started to poke around the shop and all of the amazing yarns. And what do I come across.......five skeins of the cranberry swirl. Of course! By that point, I was too far in to the worsted weight sweater. Funny stuff, right? Regardless, I finished up the sweater and am loving the yoke of this sweater. It reminds me of smocking you would find on a cute sun dress! So, here it is. I will definitely knit it again (and next time with the hood) and will always buy more yarn than I think I will need!!!! Lesson learned.

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