Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Fever

Dear Spring Fever,

Hi, it's Brigid. I didn't do the laundry this weekend. I didn't vacuum the carpets. I didn't wash the windows. I didn't make my bed or finish my book or knit much or scrub the bathtub or any of the things on my weekend to do list. And it's your fault. You brought warm we
ather with sunshine and fresh, clean air and a feeling of renewal. So, I tossed the list aside and instead enjoyed amazing breakfasts out. I sat by the Lamprey River with a friend as we watched
her daughter delight in the cause and effect of throwing rocks and sticks into the water. I laughed as the brazen ducks and geese waddled alarmingly close to me. I engaged in thoughtful and meaningful conversation with old friends who are going through new experiences. I smiled at the same couple's six month old son who is alarmingly cute and endearing. I took an impromptu trip to Plum Island and relished in having the windows down and the radio up. I stopped by the local air field and watched as planes that resembled toys magically took off. And now I am home and satiated and tired. But I wanted to say thank you before I settled down for the evening because that was just what this girl needed.
xoxo, brigid

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