Monday, March 15, 2010


So much rain. It has been raining for 50 hours straight. Cold, driving rain. As a result, there is loads of flooding in and around the Seacoast. School was called off, leaving me the day to keep things moving in my shop. I've added some new pictures and lots of new hair pins and really feel like I've lightened up the tone. It feels brighter and refreshed, ready for spring! Well, except for my banner. Still trying to figure that out. I had to take a break from working on it because I was getting irritated. But, I digress. I am really excited about all the new hair pins. Just looking at them makes me smile. And I've updated the photos of my Hand Knit Eco-Friendly Wash Cloths. I felt like my previous ones weren't doing them justice. They are so sweet looking. I think of them as an added detail to a routine, mundane task. They've made washing my face a little more special each morning. So come by the shop and take a look at all of the new goodies!

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