Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back-up Career

If this teaching thing doesn't work out for me, I've decided that I can become a plumber. All I need is time, patience, and youtube. I recently had to replace the innards of the toilet in my apartment. That only took one trip to the hardware store, but three youtube videos. Once completed, I my chest was puffed with pride.
When I let my dad know that I was coming home for the weekend, he reluctantly shared that his faucet had broken. Truth be told, this faucet has been broken for three years. It's just that now it really doesn't work. No problem, dad, I'm on it. I mean, I now have mad plumbing skills. Sort of. When I came home on Saturday morning, I hopped online and found a youtube video that would walk me through the whole process. I got right to it. Except that the wrench I bought home was too small. Off to
the local hardware store I go. Grabbed me a 10" wrench and came home. Back at it. Guess what, still too small. Off to the local hardware store again. Grabbed me a 12" wrench and came home. Guess what, still too small. At this point I
needed a break. At this point, my father pretty much gave up on me and accepted the fact that he was going to have to spend $200 on a plumber.

Fast forward to this morning after breakfast at my cousin's restaurant. I manage to convince my father to let me give it one more go. We made a trip to Home Depot this time. Found me a GIANT wrench that just had to work. We got home and round three began. Or was this round four? After reminding ourselves of the ole adage, "righty tighty, lefty loosey" we did it. Ok, I did it and he watched. And by watched, I mean micro managed. Regardless, the faucet is now in working order and I am busting with pride while he is experiencing a level of shock and awe that he is unfamiliar with.


Kate said...

He told me about your mad skills last night. You'll be happy to know that in his story, it only took you one trip to the hardware store. He was REALLY impressed.
Think you can tackle the A/C next? :)

Anonymous said...

Brigid, you are killing me. Woman of many hats. If you quit teaching, many children would suffer. So, you can't. You can also make mega bucks as a plumber or Jacqueline of all trades. :) I hear you about the weather. Last night, I went to bed at 8pm because I was wrecked. It's too early to be cold!! Very sad. Heather

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